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What makes Dresden Christstollen® so special?

Only the best ingredients give Dresden stollen its uniquely delicious taste – along with a deep love of the art of baking and a sense of tradition.
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Stollen tradition
Dresden's bakers and pastry makers have maintained the tradition of stollen baking
since the early Middle Ages.
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Stollen taste
Where can you try this traditional Dresden delicacy? What makes Dresden Stollen® so special?
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Stollen experience
The Stollen Festival, the Stollen Girl, baking demonstrations – Dresden Christstollen® gives you plenty to discover.
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Stollen protection
Protected and cared for: only stollen with the seal of quality is real Dresden
Christstollen® .
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The Stollenfest
A giant stollen, a brightly coloured parade and a likeable girl: those are the ingredients for the Dresdner Stollenfest.
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Stollen Girl
This young woman represents Dresden's most famous brand name and is a patron of the Stollenfest: the Stollen Girl.
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