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Maintaining traditions together – the Dresden Stollen Association

Dresden Christstollen® brings people together: the old and the young, as they enjoy it with a festive cup of coffee; master bakers and their apprentices as they bake it, and Dresden's bakers and pastry makers as they work together to make their traditional Dresden Christmas speciality.

Since 1991, the Dresden Stollen Association (Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V.) has represented the interests of some 130 stollen bakeries and pastry shops from the Dresden area. The association has taken on the task of protecting original Dresden Christstollen® as a brand and protected geographical indication. It owns the 'Dresden Christstollen®' Community Trade Mark in the European Union.

The members of the Stollen Association are organised according to the association statutes, which say that Original Dresden Christstollen® may only be marketed by producers of baked goods in Dresden and a clearly defined surrounding area.

The Stollen Association uses the Dresden Stollen Seal, a golden oval seal embossed with an image of Saxony's most famous king, Augustus the Strong, as a guarantee that the stollen meets the constant, high level of quality demanded of Dresden Christstollen®.

A specialist panel of bakers and pastry makers carries out ongoing tests of the quality of the Dresden Christstollen® made by every single producer, beginning every year in November, the start of stollen season. The bakeries and pastry shops in the association are also issued with certificates entitling them to put the seal of quality on their genuine Dresden Christstollen®.

Today, Dresden Christstollen® is registered at the German Patent Office with several device marks and word marks, and has PGI (protected geographical indication) status.
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