Money for the Mill

Giant Stollen Donation 2016

On a farm, rubber boots go with anything. Especially the Stollenmädchendress. Today, Stollenmädchen Marie Lassig and the master baker and pastry chefs Henry Mueller (chairman of the Stollen Association), Thomas Heller (treasurer of the Stollen Association) and Rico Uhlig (board member and head of Dresden’s baker guild) went on a special excursion. On behalf of the members of the Stollen Association they donated the 3,000 Euros of revenues of the giant stollen sale to the Kids- and Youthfarm Dresden Nickern (Kinder- und Jugendbauernhof Dresden Nickern e.V.). For 25 years now the farm has been very active providing youth welfare. On the 7,000 m² property, which used to be a four-sided farmstead, the farm offers activities that assist children, teenagers and their families with their development. By spending a lot of quality time together the farm tries to teach respect and sensitivity for animals and a healthy lifestyle with nature. The stollen donation will be used for the old windmill on the property, whose wood paneling, among other things, needs a new coat of paint. In the upcoming weeks the farm’s popular gathering space will get renovated. “We are vowed that there are people who care so actively and lovingly about the development and support of children and teenagers”, says Henry Mueller. “Our financial support for this project comes from the heart. What the members of this association achieve can’t be honored enough. We are happy that the donation of our giant stollen sale can help to insure that all young and old visitors have an exciting and wonderful time on the Kids- and Youthfarm”.