Dresden Celebrates its Christstollen

23rd Dresdner Stollenfest

Dresden's stollen bakers celebrate their stollen at the Stollenfest

These are the numbers that Dresden’s citizens and guests have longingly been waiting for all morning: With 2,872 kilos, 3.55 meters length, 1.73 meters width and 88 centimeters height Dresden’s stollen bakers presented the giant stollen of 2016 on Saturday morning during the Dresdner Stollenfest.

For the 23rd time now the members of the Stollen Association organized this huge spectacle. The highlight of the festival was without a doubt cutting the first slice of the giant stollen and selling the pieces, whose sale revenues will be donated to two different charity projects this year. Before all that, Dresden’s stollen baker and the patroness of the festival, the Dresdner Stollenmädchen Marie Lassig, greeted visitors and VIP’s on the Schlossplatz. Among the prominent guests were Thomas Schmidt, Saxony’s Minister of State for Environment and Agriculture and Dr. Peter Lames, Mayor and Alderman for Personnel and Justice of the state capital of Dresden. He filled in for the Head Mayor of Dresden Dirk Hilbert.

The guests of honor joined the parade after the kickoff on the Schlossplatz and accompanied the 500 participants and 22 lovingly created parade parts. Together with 150 of Dresden’s bakers and pastry makers they proudly escorted the giant stollen through Dresden’s Old Town to the Striezelmarkt. In between the white baker hats visitors could spot the black top hats of Dresden’s chimneysweeper or the polished tongs of the plumbers in the parade, together with members of other craft-guilds.

In this yeasr parade there were six guild presented including the baker and pastry maker guild, cheered on by tens of thousands of guests along the route.

At Germany’s oldest Christmas market the star of the day was greeted joyfully by stollen fans from all around the world. Rene Krause, the first champion of the German bakery craft master competition, cut the giant stollen with the special giant stollen knife that is 1.6 meter long and weighs 12 kilos. In two and a half hours the giant was cut into thousands of small pieces and sold to the visitors. If you were lucky you could get your piece from the Stollenmädchen Marie Lassig, who actively helped selling the 500 gramm pieces.

Just like in previous years a majority of the revenues will be donated to a good cause – this year to the Kids- and Youthfarm Dresden Nickern, an association that helps children and teenagers. The second part of the sales revenues will be donated to the Dresden Kreuzchor to help organize the Advent concert on December 22nd in the DDV- Stadion.