Hanna Haubold is the New Stollenmädchen

The 23rd Dresdner Stollenmädchen in Grosssedlitz

The Dresdner Christstollen has a new ambassador! Hanna Haubold is the 23rd Dresdner Stollenmädchen and will represent the Stollen Association (Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V.) and Dresden’s tradition-filled pastry for one year.

As the ambassador of the delicacy she will advocate for the 120 stollen bakers and pastry makers – with passion for the product and the necessary know-how, because just like her predecessors, Hanna is a representative of the craft. The aspiring confectioner, who found her love for baking in New Zealand where she spent a year after her graduation, is in the second year of her apprenticeship at the Bäckerei Wippler in Dresden-Pillnitz.

The magical setting for the reveal of the 23rd Stollenmädchen is the Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden. That is far from Dresden some may think, which is correct, however it is still in the area where Dresdner Christstollen is allowed to be baked.

In Grosssedlitz, 20 bakers and pastry makers welcome Hanna as the new Stollenmädchen for this year’s stollen season waving their baker caps.