The new stollen team

Stollen association announces eight new board members

Dresden, March 13, 2018. As part of the annual general meeting, the members of the Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V. today elected a new board. René Krause (Krause bakery) has been entrusted with the work of the 125 Dresdner Stollenbäcker for a long time, and has now been re-elected. The Deputy Chairman now accompanies Andreas Wippler (Bakery Wippler), who has also been involved in the work of the Board of Management for many years. Ralf Ullrich (Schaubäckerei Ralf Ullrich), Rico Uhlig (Bakery & Café Uhlig) and Stephan Berens (Managing Director Dr. Quendt GmbH & Co. KG) were also confirmed as board members.

Marcel Hennig (Backstube Hennig), Dirk Einert (Managing Director Emil Reimann GmbH) and Tino Gierig (Managing Director Dresdner Backhaus) are joining the board. The new team of representatives from member firms of various sizes will now lead the association's work over the next three years.

After many years of commitment on the board of the Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen eV, Elisabeth Kreutzkamm-Aumüller (Member of the Board since 1997 and Deputy Chairman since 2015), Thomas Heller (Member of the Board since 2000) and Henry Mueller, who joined the Board in 2009, retired worked and has since served as Chairman.

"Elisabeth Kreutzkamm-Aumüller, Thomas Heller and Henry Mueller have advanced our association over the past few years with incredible dedication, the greatest expertise and countless creative ideas. They always kept an eye on the interests of all Dresden stollen bakers and the preservation of our unique tradition. On behalf of the members and the new board, I would like to thank the three of them, "said CEO René Krause.

"And even if association work is always teamwork, I would like to emphasize one person in particular: Like no other, Henry Mueller, as chairman of the executive board, has shaped our association during his long-term tenure. Whether as a gallery expert in interviews, a charming moderator at events or a creative source of ideas: Henry Mueller has always acted with heart and mind and always in the spirit of the association. That's why we decided to give a special tribute for the first time in the history of the association and appointed Mr. Mueller honorary chairman of our association. "

On the picture you see (from left to right): Tino Gierig, Dirk Einert, Rico Uhlig, René Krause (Chairman), Andreas Wippler (Deputy Chairman), Ralf Ullrich (unfortunately not in the picture: Marcel Hennig and Stephan Berens)


Picture: Claudia Jacquemin