Only Genuine with the Seal - The Golden Stollen Seal

The golden, oval seal serves as a certificate ensuring the tested high quality of each Dresdner Christstollen. Only stollen that meet the high expectations of the Stollen Association's constitution are allowed to wear this seal as an award for the high quality and as a symbol of validity. Additionally, the seal informs about the quality and origin of the tradition filled stollen through a control number that is located on the seal. With this 6-digit long seal number the consumer can track from which bakery the stollen originates.

The Dresdner Christstollen is baked in and around Dresden strictly following the traditional recipe that is handed down from one generation to the next.

Protected throughout Europe – The EU Quality Label

The EU quality label is given to produce and foods whose origins allow them to be pinned to a specific geographical location or which can definitely be allocated to a region. Original Dresden Christstollen is one of these products that have a protected geographical indication (PGI). Thus the traditional Christmas delicacy also bears the circular blue and yellow European community symbol next to the golden seal. In Germany products with geographical indications are additionally written down in the trademark act.

The Dresdner Christstollen® is listed in the European Database of Origin and Registration (DOOR) as a protected name. This database is maintained and supervised by the European Union. Other protected German products, apart from Dresdner Christstollen® include Lübeck marzipan and Black Forest ham.


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