Dresden's Stollen Bakers

Certified and Unique - The Stollen Association Members

Dresdner Christstollen is produced only in a selected number of bakeries and pastry shops in and around Dresden. Through the golden seal the members of the Stollen Association are obliged to only bake stollen of high quality.

However, the traditional pastry can not only be tried and bought locally - many bakeries and pastry shops have online shops where one can buy Dresdner Christstollen.

Some stollen bakers even allow a tour behind the scenes: In their bakeries Dresdner Christstollen becomes an adventure. In these adventure bakeries guests can get a hands on experience and bake - with the help of a stollen master - their own Dresdner Christstollen.


Area of the Association

Based on the Stollen Association's charter,  Dresdner Christstollen is only allowed to be produced in Dresden and a clearly defined surrounding area around the Saxon capital. This area reaches from the Saxon Elbland with Weinböhla, Moritzburg und Radebeul all the way to Pirna and Heidenau in Saxon Switzerland. In the North the boundaries of the area are marked by Ottendorf-Okrilla and Radeburg and in the East by Radeberg. Even in the South of Dresden in Freital Stollen is allowed to be baked.


Other Interesting Topics

Stollen Test

Every year, Dresden's stollen bakers are certified to insure the high quality and excellence of the Dresdner Christstollen.

The Stollenfest

With hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world Dresden's stollen bakeries celebrate their Dresdner Christstollen at the Stollenfest.

The Stollenmädchen

The representative of a centuries-old tradition. The Dresdner Stollenmädchen represents Saxony’s most famous Christmas pastry.

Experience Stollen

Showroom bakeries, adventure bakeries and Stollenfest: The Dresdner Christstollen is much more than a culinary delight.