What makes the Dresdner Stollen® so special?


Anticipation is the greatest joy! Welcome to the 25th Dresdner Stollenfest

December 8, 2018 -  all the connoisseurs should already save the date.  For the 25th time, the Stollen bakers invite every Stollen lover to the big Stollen Christmas highlight in the Saxon state capital. The Dresdner Stollenfest celebrates its anniversary - with a barrel-high jubilee stollen, over 500 participants within the big parade through the Old Town, hundreds of bakers and confectioners, the Dresdner Stollenmädchen and tens of thousands of visitors.
Does it sound like a gourmet and unique experience? It does and it is.





Our Dresdner Stollenmädchen

The time has come and we are thrilled to announce:

Lina Trepte is the 24. Dresdner Stollenmädchen.


Currently there are no events.

Dresden's Stollen Bakers

Bäckerei Wippler GmbH 'Die Backwirtschaft'


Bäckerei 'Zur Bachmühle'



Buy Dresdner Christstollen at these Bakeries and Pastry Shops

Only in Dresden and the close surrounding areas of the Saxon capital, is it allowed to bake Dresdner Christstollen. In order to be a real Dresdner Christstollen the pastry has to be made by hand following the traditional recipes. It also has to satisfy the requirements set by the Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V., a Stollen Association created to protect the special pastry to ensure its quality and excellence.

            You can identify an original Dresdner Christstollen by its golden stollen seal.


Other Interesting Topics

The Stollen Association

The Stollen Association, called »Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V.«, represents the interests of over 120 bakeries and pastry shops from Dresden and its surrounding areas.

The Stollen Seal

The golden seal guarantees that the stollen complies with the certified constant and high quality that is demanded of every Dresdner Christstollen.

Stollen Test

Every year, Dresden's stollen bakers are certified to insure the high quality and excellence of the Dresdner Christstollen.

The Stollenfest

With hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world Dresden's stollen bakeries celebrate their Dresdner Christstollen at the Stollenfest.

The Stollenmädchen

The representative of a centuries-old tradition. The Dresdner Stollenmädchen represents Saxony’s most famous Christmas pastry.


Dresdner Christstollen

A traditional pastry made with excellence, craftsmanship, passion, history and culture.


Experience Stollen

Showroom bakeries, adventure bakeries, Stollenfest and giant stollen box: The Dresdner Christstollen is much more than a culinary delight.


Dresden's Stollen Bakeries

The Stollen Association counts over 120 members from Dresden and its close surrounding areas.