The Dresdner Stollenmädchen

The Representative of Dresden’s Stollen Baking

The love to bake, the want to protect the tradition and the desire to live the craft with passion and spirit: These are the three qualities that distinguish the Dresdner Stollenmädchen. For the duration of one year this young woman represents Dresden's stollen bakers and their product - the Dresdner Christstollen. As the patron of the Dresdner Stollenfest she gives the start signal for the baking process of the giant stollen and opens the big festival on the Saturday before the second of advent.


Our Dresdner Stollenmädchen


Salome Selnack

  • 28th Dresdner Stollenmädchen
  • trainee to become a Pastry Chef at the confectionery Donath, Dresden

    "Above all, it's a feeling that rises in me when I think of the Dresdner Stollen, I think of the whirling in the bakery, and even if there's always so much to do, christmas season still the best time of the year. The whole family joins in, and wherever it is possible, we try to make it cozy. Reflecting on what is important, that's perhaps the best way to describe it."



How to Become the Stollenmädchen?

Whoever wants to become Stollenmädchen, especially needs to have experience with stollen baking, knowledge of the history of Dresdner Christstollen and passion for the craft. Many trainee bakers, trainee pastry chefs or bakery shop assistants sign up to become the Stollenmädchen. All of the girls are studying at the Dresden Vocational School Centre for Agriculture and Nutrition (Beruflichen Schulzentrum für Agrarwirtschaft und Ernährung Dresden) and are taught through an apprenticeship in one of the member bakeries of the Stollen Association.

Before one of the girls is allowed to put on the beautiful dress of the Stollen Association representative and go out in public, the young women have to show her knowledge about the craft. After a knowledge test a panel made up of Dresden's bakers and pastry makers decides who the next Stollenmädchen should be. This is where an exiting time for one of the young women starts: For one year she is on the road on behalf of the Stollen Association in the eye of the public. Thousands of pictures are taken of her and she answers just as many questions while representing the Dresdner Christstollen on Radio and TV.


Meet the Stollenmädchen

The entire stollen season long the Dresdner Stollenmädchen is on the road visiting Christmas markets and attending events in and around Dresden and even farther away. Click here to find out when and where.


Other Interesting Topics

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The Stollen Association, called »Schutzverband Dresdner Stollen e.V.«, represents the interests of stollen bakeries and pastry shops from Dresden and its surrounding areas.

The Stollen Seal

The golden seal guarantees that the stollen complies with the certified constant and high quality that is demanded of every Dresdner Christstollen.

The Stollenmädchen

The representative of a centuries-old tradition. The Dresdner Stollenmädchen represents Saxony’s most famous Christmas pastry.


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Dresdner Christstollen

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